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sheepshead fish

How to catch sheepshead fish?

Sheepshead fish, How to catch sheepshead fish By George Van Zant Here We Start Discover the way on How to catch Sheephead Fish. Sheephead will be around when everything else is gone. Besides being great fighters on the hook and tasty when cooked, they have the ability to change their sex if needed. All sheephead fish are

An Old Indian Trick For Fishing

An Old Indian Trick One of my major objectives in life is the pursuit of secret fishing tricks, those kinds that are not known by anybody, especially, my fishing peers. Each June I am involved in a trout tournament at Crowley Lake. The collective point for all the participants is Bishop California where most of

How to spool braided line

How To Spool Braided Line By George Van Zant The new braided fishing lines are truly modern miracles. “SpiderWire”, “FireLine”, “Magibraid Spectra” to name some have diameters so small that their line testing 20 LB breaking strength has the diameter of regular 6 LB test monofilament. To most anglers, the search for the small fishing