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Technical Sheet (XIV): Soft Jerkbaits

The Soft Jerkbait is a very dated bait; just think that the very first softbaits born in America, even before the Soft Stickbaits, belonged to this category.

Conceptually they are similar to the “hard” version of Jerkbaits, that is imitations of fish that do not have their own movement, but need “jerkate”, or strokes of cimino, to be made attractive for our prey.

A Soft Jerkbait is basically a soft rubber fish, with a straight or flat tail, ie with a tail that does not resist recovery.

The “non-resistance” to recovery means that do not belong to this category the bait-shaped fish-tailed bait, like the shads, which activate their movement even with a linear recovery.

If recovered linearly, the Soft Jerkbaits instead come towards us practically in a straight line, without activating any vibrations or any wads.
If recovered to “jerkate”, that is, with frequent strokes of the tip, they are produced in the irregular movement that in fact are intended to recreate, resembling fish in difficulty that struggle to swim in the right way.

There are Soft Jerkbaits of all sizes; from the smallest 1.5 “, like the Damiki Bing below, up to the 8” and more. The Jerkbaits are essentially made up of two parts: a body and a tail . _ Body

: the body can have a flattened section (compressed on the sides) or round and can be hollow or full. The hollow body serves to guarantee the perfect housing of the offset hooks, lead and not, used very often with this type of bait. Usually full-body Jerkbaits are the best ones to fish with jig heads, while hollow-body ones are perfect, as mentioned, for the Texas primer.

Tail : the tail can be forked , ie in the shape of a fish tail (in this case it can be arranged horizontally or vertically) or straight(in this case it will be very thin, so that it will be mobile during jerks). There are also hybrid tails, that is straight and thin ending with a forked end; and some Soft Jerkbaits have a flat tail (paddle tail).

_ The 5 best primers to take full advantage of the Soft Jerkbaits are:

Weightless Texas Rig: the Texas primer with hooks offset is definitely the most used for medium-large versions of these bait and the spliced version of this trigger is a must in the case of bait with heavy compound or in case you want to fish just below the wire surface. Fishing spliced will have significant improvements in the movement especially in the “stop” phase of recovery, during which the bait will assume a more “light” and natural passive movement.

Weighted Texas Rig: this is the most used primer for Medium-sized Soft Jerkbaits. Usually instead of using the classic bell-shaped lead from Texas, you choose offset hooks already sealed on the stem. Often the Soft Jerkbaits have a cavity in the belly, just to allow a perfect housing to this type of hooks.

Jig Head Rig: as regards the Soft Jerkbaits of small and medium size with full body, a good choice is certainly represented by the use of leaded heads. For medium baits (3 “-4”) it is better to choose heads that are very light but with a big hook, while for small baits, under 3 “, you can use standard heads.This reasoning on the size of the hook also goes obviously made according to the fish we want to undermine, but it should always be kept in mind that the lower the lead, the better the movement of the bait.

Split Shot Rig: the possibility of the Soft Jerkbaits to move in a perfect way also spliced means that you can use with excellent results even in Split Shot, when you want to fish in half water or close enough to the bottom or when you want to do a search fishing more long-range. The best primer to be combined with this technique is definitely the Nose Hooking, applied to Soft Jerkbaits of small-medium sized (around 3 “).

Dropshot Rig : Soft Jerkbaits of medium-small size can also be used with satisfaction in Drop Shot, when we want to fish close to the bottom but with a naturalness and freedom of movement that with other frames we could not have.

_ The 5 most common catches with the Soft Jerkbaits are:

Black Bass : it is the fish for which this bait was originally created in America, it goes without saying then that can be used for its capture with any frame possible, choosing the most appropriate depending on the situation, the spot and the period of the year.

Saraghi : the small Soft Jerkbaits under the 3 “are the best bait for the fishing of the bream in the foam in the cliff.They will be combined with small jig heads around 3 grams and launched in areas where more foam is formed, to simulate a small fish in trouble because of the strong currents.

Trout: one of the favorite foods of trout are small fish, so there is nothing better than a small Soft Jerkbait just plunged and left to animate by the current of the stream to convince even the most suspicious of trout to attack.

_ Sea bass : among the softbaits favored by sea bass, the Soft Jerkbaits certainly have a place of honor, from 2 “to 5”, which have an extra gear especially in calm waters, in the river or in the brackish area, but can be a ‘excellent choice for fishing from the beach or cliff.

Pike-perch and pike : these two freshwater predators are usually threatened by other types of bait, more famous and safe, but many also use the Soft Jerkbaits,

It is therefore, as explained, a bait from recovery poorly composed and linear, but very customizable and therefore suitable for those who love to fish in a “nervous”, creative and imaginative.
Soft Jerkbaits can be used to search for all predators, just choose the right size and the right shape for each different situation.

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